Who am I

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About me

I'm a software developer and entrepreneur. Since 2009 I've been working with Ruby on Rails and many other technologies to build great websites and applications.

In my free time I host a cooking blog called Recetas de Mamá (Mom's recipes) that has become one of the most popular recipe sites on Spain. Since 2007 we've published around 900 recipes and three cooking books!

What I've done

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Writing software

Using Ruby I've had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects: from working with the CERN to building a financial calculator for energy related commodities.

My latest project: mixing BigData and cybersecurity

I joined the Telefónica's cybersecurity team as freelancer on January 2014. We're a great team of +50 developers building a big infrastructure for storing and processing security information (malware, phishing, vulnerabilities...)

Within this project, I've been responsible for building Ruby APIs that connect to and , the main technology behind our BigData. Inspired by Martin Fowler we decided to build these APIs using the microservices approach: small applications focused on solving one problem at a time.

More projects

You might find more information at my Curriculum Vitae .

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Publishing recipes

The story

I moved from Cordoba to Madrid and my mother wrote me a cookbook with simple and delicious recipes. As I couldn't afford to loose it, I published those recipes to Blogger. Some months later, she started writing as well and we decided to move to a new address: recetasdemama.es.

Today we're also publishing videos and we have nearly 500.000 followers across different social networks. During this time, we've published three books and had partnerships with amazing brands, like Pyrex, Moulinex and Microsoft!

The numbers

  • Recipes: 12-15 each month since April 2007.
  • Comments: 40 new comments per recipe.
  • Visits: +350.000 unique visitors per month.
  • Countless Friends & Fun

The technology

  • WordPress: great publishing platform that we've customized with our own theme and several plugins.
  • Apache: my preferred web server.
  • Varnish Cache: mandatory piece for improving speed and optimizing resources on the server side.
  • Nikon D3001: for taking pictures and videos.